PTW designs, develops, manufactures and distributes high quality dosimetry and quality control equipment mainly for use in the medical field, especially in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine.
Design and production of mechanical, electronic and software components are all done in house. We operate a well-equipped and modern workshop with 10 CNC machines. Our products, especially the PTW ionization chambers and electrometers, are well known throughout the world and are recognized for their workmanship and high level of quality.
PTW-Freiburg operates Germany’s first Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory for radiation quantities accredited by the DAkkS, under direct supervision of the National Laboratory. It is also a member of the international SSDL network, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA.


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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is one of the most powerful weapons for an effective fight against the painful disease of human cancer. The treatment techniques and the irradiation equipment have been developed continuously in the past to meet the goal of delivering radiation loads to cancer tissue in an optimal way and to protect patients against radiation damage. Dosimetry and quality assurance procedures are essential for precise radiation treatment and avoiding unintended irradiation.

Diagnostic Radiology

Herbert Pychlau invented a new measuring quantity based on the inverse square law, which he named the “Dose Area Product (DAP)”. The DAP is the product of the multiplication of the entrance dose and the area of the irradiated field. Doubling the distance increases the radiation area by factor four, while the dose decreases simultaneously by factor four. Both effects cancel out each other and therefore the new unit [Rcm2] was ideal for educational measurements as it is independent of the focus patient distance.

Today the DIAMENTOR is going stronger than ever before. It is a must in X-ray diagnostics worldwide, not only helping to reduce patient exposure, but also being an independent quality control tool, informing the operator about any deviation of the X-ray unit constancy. Since five decades the measuring principle is still the same while the PTW DIAMENTOR product portfolio of course changed: PTW Freiburg provides integrated, built-in, multi channel and combined dose and DAP DIAMENTOR solutions. Over the years PTW as pioneer of the DAP meter has delivered many thousands of reliable instruments to satisfied customers worldwide

QC Radiography